How to Prepare Physically When You Say, “I Want to Hook Up?”

If you say to yourself in the mirror that “I want to hook up online,” you are making a statement to the universe. This is the law of attraction in effect. If you can verbalize something, you are one step closer to realizing that idea. The law of attraction is not a theory. It definitely is not a hope or a wish. Billion dollar fortunes have been realized using the concepts behind the law of attraction. It is not a joke.

You have to remember that the world is made up of ideas paired with energy. Remember that equation: energy + idea = reality.

Make no mistake about it, all the things that you see in your social interactions, somebody first thought of. At the very least, their thoughts released a chain reaction that ended up somehow some way changing their reality.

That’s how reality works. It all begins with some sort of internal wish. It all begins with some sort of mental idea. When you say to yourself, either in the mirror or all in your head, “I want to hook up,” you set in motion all sorts of things that can lead to you fucking some hot, tight, nasty, sweaty, stinky, relentless pussy.

It’s all good, right? Well, not quite. Thinking all these things may be great. It may make you feel good, but very little would change. You have to allow it to change you. You have to allow it to physically change you because the moment you keep saying to yourself, “I want to hook up, I want to hook up” over and over again, you become impatient. You enter a certain emotional state, which can trigger physical action.

Believe me, the world may not give a fuck about your feelings, but once you start taking physical action, it sits up and pays attention